12 Days of Christmas

Galanthus elwesii 'Mrs Macnamara', Snowdrop

Day 2: Galanthus elwesii 'Mrs Macnamara' For many Christmas may have been a little more low key, minimalist or subdued than usual; perhaps solitary but I hope not lonely. Christmas for the Croft Gardeners is always secular and modest, but perhaps with a touch of hedonism as befits the Winter Festival. Today it is raining… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Winter Visions

Let me a conjure a vision - a late December afternoon as the sunlight begins to fade and the shadows deepen, the trees are skeletal, an elegant tracery against the translucence of a winter sky. The wind swirls among the fallen leaves hustling them into corners to hide among the glowing stems of Cornus and… Continue reading Winter Visions

In the Winter Garden

I always dreamed of having a winter garden - delicate snowdrops and aconites in perfect drifts beneath the tracery of the bare branches of elegant Japanese acers and the ghostly stems of birches. A contrasting backdrop of glossy green Mahonia and air laden with the delicate scent of winter jasmine, Osmanthus and Daphne. The reality is a cottage garden… Continue reading In the Winter Garden