On such nights………..

The cool fingers of night air caress the cheek as the west wind sighs. The white horses slumber beneath the rippling silken waves which gently glide over the rocks stirring the amber ribbons of kelp. The siren songs of the sylkies weave their enchantment and silence the strident, amorous croaks of the Corncrakes. Slowly the… Continue reading On such nights………..

Perpetuum mobile

Last month the seeds were jiggling to be let out of their packets into the warmth of the propagator. There they lazed in the tropical heat and only germinated when threaten with a blast of cold night air. This was followed by an unseemly rush to relocate from the minimalist cells of the plug trays… Continue reading Perpetuum mobile

Dog days of August

When the air is heavy and the horizon indigo with distant thunder lethargy stalks the garden as the plants and the gardeners grow languid. The borders are blowsy and going to seed like an ageing actress insisting that she must go on to please her adoring audience of bees. The vibrant colours of the cottage… Continue reading Dog days of August

Turner and the stealth bird

In April and May, when these islands in the far north-west are caught in a northerly air flow the long days are bathed in sunlight. The cold air brings a crystalline clarity to the light and on calm days the distant islands of the archipelago appear to float on the horizon. We have not entered… Continue reading Turner and the stealth bird