Too wet, too wet, too wet….

By dodging the showers and intense activity when its been too windy we've managed to finish the rebuilding of the fruit cage and some of the more pressing maintenance work. The propagators and cold frames are full of seeds and seedlings, the benches in the polytunnel overflowing with young plants and the growing bed full… Continue reading Too wet, too wet, too wet….

The lady trembles

Year of Natural Scotland The expedition to the east coast of the island to listen for gowks is normally followed by an outing to look at trees. Once the islands had extensive woodlands, but now the forces of nature and man have left the mountain slopes and moorland virtually treeless. Only the toughest specimens survive… Continue reading The lady trembles

The Speed Dating Lunch Club

Year of Natural Scotland - Changing Seasons and a Parcel of Oystercatchers The first skylark has already begun his morning serenade declaring his territory and advertising for a lady to share his very desirable residence in the tussocky field by the house. The lapwings have been debating whether the best spot is by the iris… Continue reading The Speed Dating Lunch Club

Ladybird, Ladybird

In these distant isles ladybirds are rare gems. Every year I search the garden and polytunnel for these beneficial beetles, whose larvae gobble aphids at a prodigious rate, and I'm lucky if I find one or two. Whether it is for reasons of geography, climate or an unpredictable food supply we only find the 11-spot… Continue reading Ladybird, Ladybird