Good Vibrations

It has suddenly gone quiet, the house has stopped creaking, groaning and shaking, the chimney has stopped rattling and the only noise is the gentle hum of the boiler, the swoosh of the dishwasher and the rumble of the washing machine. Radio 4 is back and I can listen dulcet tones of the Shipping Forecast… Continue reading Good Vibrations

Winds of Change

Autumn in the Outer Isles can be somewhat blustery and at times storm lashed. Each year we get our share of  violent storm force winds (Force 11 - winds over 64 mph) when it's normally dinner by candle light and an early night with a hot water bottle. The winds can be very destructive and,… Continue reading Winds of Change

“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,”

For the last three days Zyphrus has roared and the horses of Poisedon have reared over the reef as the tempest raged............ A full-blown North Atlantic gale is best described as a tempest stirred by the wrath of the gods. On the headland the storm force winds have a deep bass roar and as the… Continue reading “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,”