World Food Day

United Nations days of... come and go and I admit most pass me by unnoticed, although I can usually manage a cheer for International Womens Day. It is frequently observed that I have a "bee in my bonnet" infact there is usually a whole hive tucked under my woolly hat. World Food Day got a few of… Continue reading World Food Day

National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides

WINTER LIGHT Think mostly muted as if seen through grey veils still think abundant green, duller water-logged brown in places moss green fringed fawn think cinnamon and ginger think peat brown dug deep, almost black think grey burns, grey lochs grey sea trailing white spray Then think a low down sun think peat grass glowing… Continue reading National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides

Wildflower Wednesday

Pink Perfection Thrift, Sea Pink,  Rock Rose, Moss Pink, Our Lady's Cushion, tonna chladaich, Armeria maritima As May approaches our wildflowers are still deep in slumber - sleepy heads waiting for the temperature to rise. However this tough little cushion plant has been in flower for the last two weeks or more - a nectar… Continue reading Wildflower Wednesday