Red sky at night

The days are now beginning to shorten and the sunsets are returning setting the skies alight before the dark clouds creep over the horizon. As summer drifts into autumn the sun sinks a little further to the north-west each night. In late June and July the sun glows beyond St Kilda and now it hovers… Continue reading Red sky at night

The Machair in Flower

The machair in flower is one of the best wildflower displays in the British Isles and at it's peak the carpet of flowers is breath-taking. It inspires my gardening but at times I wonder why I bother as nature makes a much better job of it, the plant selection and colour palette is stunning and… Continue reading The Machair in Flower

Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar

1st December 2013 the first Sunday in Advent and the start of my Advent Calendar. I began 2013 with a post on the Year of Natural Scotland and have continued this theme throughout the year. So as our celebration of the flora and fauna of Scotland grows to a close I am going to use… Continue reading Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar

On hearing the first gowk*

Year of Natural ScotlandCapricious - whimsical - wayward - fickle - freakish - crotchety, northern springs will either delight or drive you to despair. The last week of May and only now are we seeing the tender pale green leaves of the birch, willow and rowan. In the cool air the buzz of the bees… Continue reading On hearing the first gowk*

Year of Natural Scotland 2013

Now that the vapours of the Hogmanay have cleared we can start celebrating again for 2013 is the Year of Natural Scotland. If you ask anyone about Scotland somewhere in the mix of tartan, bagpipes, whisky and haggis there will be golden eagles, red deer stags, otters, mountains, lochs, glens and heather. There is of… Continue reading Year of Natural Scotland 2013