12 Days of Christmas

Day 5: A Plant for all seasons There are some plants which are as tough as old boots, live in dark corners, prefer to be totally pot-bound, appear to exist on little more than fresh air and flower in the winter! This is the perfect plant to give to anyone who professes to kill any… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

A Week of Flowers

Massonia pygmaea

Day Seven 28 November 2020 Massonia pygmaea This gem of a plant is no more than 3 cm tall and is in flower in our indoor (unheated) garden. Massonia pygmaea is endemic to South Africa, occuring mostly in the Northern to Western Cape, often growing at high altitudes. Discovering this tiny plant in flower just… Continue reading A Week of Flowers

A Week of Flowers

Eucomis pole-evansi

Day One: 22 November 2020 Cathy at Words and Herbs has a beautiful garden in Bavaria. She has green fingers, is a talented cook and a gentle soul. So I am delighted to join her is posting photographs of flowers from my garden that have made me smile this year. I hope that the eclectic… Continue reading A Week of Flowers

In a vase on Monday – von Veltheim’s lily

At the start of each year I delude myself into thinking that this year,¬†even though I'm still at the jam jar stage of flower arranging,¬† each month I will make a contribution to Cathy's IAVOM meme. If the weather had been less arctic, there would have been a reasonable chance of a very small posy… Continue reading In a vase on Monday – von Veltheim’s lily