12 Days of Christmas

Beetroot Cylibdrica

Day 9: Vegetable Delight My Head Gardener, who is always right, insists that food is the best form of winter fuel. On a cold day there is nothing better than a bowl of hearty vegetable soup, a rich casserole or a tray of roasted root vegetables to restore the inner glow. Winter food needs rich… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Simple Suppers and Winter Warmers

I've never really understood the appeal of cold soups, except maybe real gazpacho eaten in a Spanish estancia surrounded by cork oak forests and roaming pata negra hogs feasting on acorns, but that is another story. For me soups are one of the ultimate comfort foods, rich, thick and soothing, served in rustic pottery bowls… Continue reading Simple Suppers and Winter Warmers