In a Vase for Monday: Thinking Outside the Box

When I firstly expressed an interest in joining Cathy's In a Vase for Monday meme, the Garden Rambler understood my dilemma of only being able to find flowers in the cottage garden for a few months and encouraged me to "think outside the box". So while wandering around the garden and looking at early dwarf… Continue reading In a Vase for Monday: Thinking Outside the Box

Let them eat cake

We are now well into the hungry gap. The last knobbly celeriac helped stretch some frozen cauliflower purée into soup, the final half bucket of potatoes are beginning to sprout  and I am left with a few small bags of broad beans lurking in the bottom of the freezer. In the absence of anything green… Continue reading Let them eat cake

The Lost Garden

While the gardener was away the chickweed made a bid for world domination in the vegetable beds and secured its empire with an outer defense of 3 foot high nettles. Now this is obviously a tribute to the fertility of my soil but I must confess that after a month of neglect I was probably… Continue reading The Lost Garden

Waving not drowning

The Hebridean Gardener's Lament "its cold, wet and windy" or in my case the grumpy gardener blues is yet to be replaced by the sunny morning tuneless whistle as I pull on my red woolly hat and wellies and march off to the garden. In the "edgy islands" spring does not officially start until May… Continue reading Waving not drowning

Mind the Gap

Nothing but blue skies...... With high pressure over Scandinavia and the jet stream well to the south the northerly air flow has turned the islands into a frigid riviera. Long sunny days and balmy temperatures of 5°C, which in the lightest wind become a chilly 1°C, are perfect for brisk walks along the beach but… Continue reading Mind the Gap