Flora’s Revenge

If you go around implying that someone's daughter is a flirtatious flibbertigibet it is reasonably predictable that her father won't be too impressed. Now if dad happens to be Zeus you can probably expect the odd thunderbolt and the wrath of the whole pantheon of gods. I knew I was in trouble when the ravens… Continue reading Flora’s Revenge

Winter Afternoon

Like languid trapeze artistes the gulls trace celestial arcs as a dying sun tints the clouds with ashes of roses. Effervescent spray breaks over the whale-backed reef as a clowning troupe of ravens tumble earthward Icarian feathers black as the cold fingers of night.

Sky Dancing

It is still too cold to do any gardening that does not involve some fairly vigorous exercise - digging up creeping buttercup (pernicious weed and bane of my life) fits the bill. Stretching to ease my aching back it is easy to spend a few minutes watching the ravens tumble and roll their hoarse cronk… Continue reading Sky Dancing