Almost in a vase on a Monday………

This year spring is a cold affair with a penetrating northerly wind imprisoning the landscape in monochrome frigidity. As I walk down to the cottage garden across the field there is not a daisy, celandine or dandelion with a floral offering to welcome Persephone to these norther shores. However, in the shelter of the garden… Continue reading Almost in a vase on a Monday………

January means January?

As January draws to a close we're still wrapped in a cocoon of grey spun from wet silvery threads of salty cloud whipped up from a plumbean sea by the breath of Zephyrus. The rain slowly dissolves the coating of salt from the windows to reveal a monochrome landscape highlighted only by a pale yellow… Continue reading January means January?

April Morning

The world was very quiet and still; during the night the north wind had rested and its breath had spread across the grass leaving each fragile stem festooned with diadems. A series of whistles announced the arrival of the first visitors - attired with copes of gold, velvet black waistcoats and carnival masks they alighted… Continue reading April Morning

Hark, hark the Lark

The skylarks have returned and at every glimmer of sunshine ascend in a paroxysm of delight. There are noisy gatherings of Oystercatchers speed dating in the field, and the lapwings are practising sky dancing aerobatics to advertise their prowess as a sign of their parental fitness. To earthbound mortals the song of the lark is… Continue reading Hark, hark the Lark

Wintry Showers and Sunny Intervals

After the storms came the rain, hail, sleet and snow; today we have wintry showers, sunny intervals and an icy northerly wind of about 40 mph. However, there is sunshine and I am planning to cocoon myself in as many layers as I can and stagger down to the vegetable garden to retrieve some our… Continue reading Wintry Showers and Sunny Intervals