12 Days of Christmas

Candid Peel

Day 3: Sunshine in a jar On dreich and stormy December days, when the hours of daylight are curtailed, sunshine is in short supply. These are the days of the great winter darkness, and a gift that captures the warmth and life-giving rays of the sun is to be treasured. Unfortunately mythical heroes who went… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Relish with Ravel or Scones with Schubert

Baking with Bach, Beethoven or Brubeck is the perfect way to spend a bleak January afternoon. The croft kitchen is a refuge from a raw westerly wind and I'm wrapped in warmth, light and music, drenched by the aroma of spices, dark molasses sugar and ginger. However, let us not get carried away by too… Continue reading Relish with Ravel or Scones with Schubert