Lions on the beach

Reeling into the wind, staggering along the beach like ancient mariners tossed onto a distant shore, our progress erratic as storm tossed debris. As dark squalls spin across the horizon heads withdraw, sheltering in gore-tex carapaces. Eyes narrowed by reflected diamond light salt stinging tears funnell down furrowed cheeks. Cries of wonder are carried beyond… Continue reading Lions on the beach

National Poetry Day, Outer Hebrides

Waiting for the Tide of Inspiration syllables dancing in the spray words rolling in grains of sand antonyms hiding in fronds of kelp synonyms twisted in shining alginates will the wind release the rhymes sonnets to soar above the waves or leave them tangled in flotsam poetic debris, drowned doggerel

National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides

WINTER LIGHT Think mostly muted as if seen through grey veils still think abundant green, duller water-logged brown in places moss green fringed fawn think cinnamon and ginger think peat brown dug deep, almost black think grey burns, grey lochs grey sea trailing white spray Then think a low down sun think peat grass glowing… Continue reading National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides