January Miscellany – Gusting Gertie and Hebridean Homilies

As my neighbour Seamus observed, after a long account about a difficult calving and a tirade about the weather, "it's January, it rains and it's windy". A timely reminder that if you choose to live on an island in the North Atlantic you can't demand Mediterranean weather. So as Gertie gathers strength to go and… Continue reading January Miscellany – Gusting Gertie and Hebridean Homilies

Breakfast by Moonlight

The winter solstice is rapidly approaching and the days are getting shorter. The sun does not rise until 9.00 am and when there is heavy cloud the mornings are very dark. Fortunately the moon is still high at 8.00 am ¬†and although it is waning it casts a silvery light across the sea. So as… Continue reading Breakfast by Moonlight