June Vegetable Garden

June flamed briefly but has now retreated into a sulk adopting a grey cloud mantle and a cool demeanor. The vegetable beds still look very forlorn, the plant growth can only be described as sluggish even though the levels of moisture in the soil are good and we've had plenty of sunshine. It is obviously… Continue reading June Vegetable Garden

Courgettes or zucchini

As a child I encountered marrows but nothing as exotic as a courgette - apart from the mysterious thing called zucchini listed as an ingredient on the back of a packet of dried minestrone soup.  My love affair with courgettes started in Italy when I was served stuffed courgette flowers and tiny delicately flavoured, finger-sized… Continue reading Courgettes or zucchini

Give me sunshine

After two weeks of long sunny days I'm as brown and wrinkled as a December Egremont Russet, my hands rasp like sandpaper, the finger nails are all broken and very grubby, and my joints crack and creak. All but the most urgent domestic chores are neglected and my e-mail auto-responder reads "gardening I'll get back… Continue reading Give me sunshine