Realising the Vision

Croft garden

Creating a Garden 2: the Grand Tour Although we have clear blue skies, the sun still slinks low over the horizon and its weak winter rays are insufficient to penetrate the frost. This is a garden tour that bears no resemblance to a wonderful Sunday afternoon amble around a perfect English Yellow Book Garden. There… Continue reading Realising the Vision

Finding the Vision

house in a meadow

Creating a Garden 1 In the beginning there was a house in a coastal meadow, then there was a shed and then there was a garden. Originally, I thought that the house sitting amongst wildflowers with panoramic views required nothing more. Unfortunately this was a romantic illusion. In winter there are no wildflowers, the sunny… Continue reading Finding the Vision

Reading the Landscape

If you live on an island a journey almost inevitably includes a ferry crossing. After a while it becomes a bit like catching a bus, but with the frisson of anticipation as to whether you will actually depart as scheduled or when you might get back home. However, I still enjoy this aspect of the… Continue reading Reading the Landscape

Winter Visions

Let me a conjure a vision - a late December afternoon as the sunlight begins to fade and the shadows deepen, the trees are skeletal, an elegant tracery against the translucence of a winter sky. The wind swirls among the fallen leaves hustling them into corners to hide among the glowing stems of Cornus and… Continue reading Winter Visions