Make Do and Mend

At last the polytunnel has been repaired and we're ready to garden again. After being exposed to the elements for two months a major clean-up was required. This mainly involved shovelling up sand and wind-blown debris, fortunately the local starling flock preferred the warmth of my neighbours cow shed as a roost. The accumulation of… Continue reading Make Do and Mend

Tisane for Two

Tisane - an infusion or decoction or herbs, spices or other plant material in hot water. A tisane conjurers visions of delicacy and elegant refinement and seems a more enchanting invitation than the offer of a cup of herbal tea. It is strange that the interchange of one term for another can create an entirely… Continue reading Tisane for Two

To cube or not to cube?

This is for Cathy who when not Rambling in the Garden makes soup and has the cube dilemma. Even if we do not have the time or inclination to make our own stock, most of us have the choice as to whether to reach for the packet of cubes. There are "quality" versions available: organic,… Continue reading To cube or not to cube?

Whiff of winter

The days are shortening and the northerly winds bring a cold nip to the morning air. Time to find the woolly hats, fill the log baskets and get ready for Samhain which begins on 31 October. This is one of the Celtic fire festivals when the doors on the hills open and the wee folk visit the realms… Continue reading Whiff of winter