Falling in love again…

The cottage garden and I have reached the stage in our relationship where the honeymoon is over and reality beckons. All was bliss in April, even if the starlings did peck the heads of all the scillas. May was a little more difficult as the herbaceous plants were slow to get going, the weeds rapidly… Continue reading Falling in love again…

In a Vase for Monday: Thinking Outside the Box

When I firstly expressed an interest in joining Cathy's In a Vase for Monday meme, the Garden Rambler understood my dilemma of only being able to find flowers in the cottage garden for a few months and encouraged me to "think outside the box". So while wandering around the garden and looking at early dwarf… Continue reading In a Vase for Monday: Thinking Outside the Box

June Cottage Garden

What a difference a year makes  I had planned to write about the cottage garden to accompany the description of the vegetable garden in June when my muse prodded me in the ribs (does anyone else have a grumpy, bossy muse?) and suggested that I might look at the photographs of the garden for May… Continue reading June Cottage Garden

Dog days of August

When the air is heavy and the horizon indigo with distant thunder lethargy stalks the garden as the plants and the gardeners grow languid. The borders are blowsy and going to seed like an ageing actress insisting that she must go on to please her adoring audience of bees. The vibrant colours of the cottage… Continue reading Dog days of August