Over the sea to Skye

Island life is essentially about being in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, but it is the weather that really determines what we do and when, so I have adopted the Darwinian philosophy that survival depends on the ability to adapt to the environment. Consequently I have become a creature of routine and habit;… Continue reading Over the sea to Skye

Good Vibrations

It has suddenly gone quiet, the house has stopped creaking, groaning and shaking, the chimney has stopped rattling and the only noise is the gentle hum of the boiler, the swoosh of the dishwasher and the rumble of the washing machine. Radio 4 is back and I can listen dulcet tones of the Shipping Forecast… Continue reading Good Vibrations

National Poetry Day, Outer Hebrides

Waiting for the Tide of Inspiration syllables dancing in the spray words rolling in grains of sand antonyms hiding in fronds of kelp synonyms twisted in shining alginates will the wind release the rhymes sonnets to soar above the waves or leave them tangled in flotsam poetic debris, drowned doggerel

Hebrides Islands on the Edge

This is wildlife photography at its very best. Nigel Pope and his team have done a great job and they were one of the best film crews we've welcomed to the islands. I prattled incessantly about the stunning Hebridean landscapes and our world class wildlife so now you can see for yourselves. My words and… Continue reading Hebrides Islands on the Edge

Islands in the mist

Friday 7 September: Mist rolls in frosts the glass with tiny crystal droplets. "Hello this is Hebrides.net our offices are closed. To reach our automated system press 1 for sales; 2 for technical support: Press 1 for network status – there are no problems on the interconnected communities network Press 2 to test your connection… Continue reading Islands in the mist