Uncertain Glory of an April Day

which now shows all the beauty of the sun, and by and by a cloud takes all away.... Shakespeare Two Gentlemen of Verona A tropical island, the Caribbean, South Africa, the Mediterranean? No Charlie's Beach on Eriskay (an island at the south end of South Uist and a ferry ride away from Barra). White shell sand… Continue reading Uncertain Glory of an April Day

Hebridean Winter Gardening

As the winter solstice approaches the days are very short: between sunrise and sunset there are just 6 hours and 30-ish minutes. If the weather is being particularly Hebridean it can seem like a lot less. When we get a fine day (i.e. not raining and with winds gusting less than 40 mph, sun shine… Continue reading Hebridean Winter Gardening

Operation Garden Maintenance

My gardening arrangements are a little unusual particularly as I have 24 acres of land at my disposal. A stroll along the track to the garden is probably  no different from wandering off to an allotment every day. However, there is a twist in the tail. The vegetable and cottage garden and sit either side… Continue reading Operation Garden Maintenance

‘Wife, into thy garden’

In the 16th century every good country huswife  would consult her copy of Thomas Tusser's Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandrie  for advice on the work to be performed in the garden each month. So for November: If Garden require it, now trench it ye may, One trench not a yard from another go lay, Which being… Continue reading ‘Wife, into thy garden’