Hebridean Autumn

Falling leaves, pumpkins, bonfires, conkers, mists and mellow fruitfulness, classic icons of autumn. Now add the adjective Hebridean and the picture becomes minimalist, the colours fade and the flames of autumn burn with a different hue. Here the smell of wood smoke becomes the softer, sweet odour of burning peat and the pungency of fermenting… Continue reading Hebridean Autumn

A stormy afternoon with chutney, muffins and Dave

On dark autumn mornings when the wind is thumping along the roof and the rain is hammering against the window I know that it is going to be an "inside day". Resolutely delusional and optimistic, I still believe that if I tackle the mountain of paperwork on my desk or discipline myself to doing some… Continue reading A stormy afternoon with chutney, muffins and Dave