High Society, Low Life and the Menagerie

Ask any gardener designer to describe a garden and you will get the predictable mix of hard and soft landscaping, colour palettes and texture, formal and informal garden rooms and a selection of the latest meaningless buzz words from world of gardening glitterati - tactile, surrealist, matrix, herboretum ................! As I am feeling particularly waspish… Continue reading High Society, Low Life and the Menagerie

‘Wife, into thy garden’

In the 16th century every good country huswife  would consult her copy of Thomas Tusser's Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandrie  for advice on the work to be performed in the garden each month. So for November: If Garden require it, now trench it ye may, One trench not a yard from another go lay, Which being… Continue reading ‘Wife, into thy garden’

Notice to Quit

A Cautionary Tail To whom it may concern (this includes Common Field Mice, luchan-feòir, Apodemus sylvaticus, Field Voles, Short-tailed Voles, famhalain feòir, Microtus agrestris ) You have been given friendly warnings and advised that you are not allowed to live in the polytunnel during the winter. The Head Gardener has already relocated one of you to the garden wall but you have… Continue reading Notice to Quit