Realising the Vision

Croft garden

Creating a Garden 2: the Grand Tour Although we have clear blue skies, the sun still slinks low over the horizon and its weak winter rays are insufficient to penetrate the frost. This is a garden tour that bears no resemblance to a wonderful Sunday afternoon amble around a perfect English Yellow Book Garden. There… Continue reading Realising the Vision

Week of Flowers

Wood Blewit Lepista nuda

Day Five 26 November 2020 You can discover a host of wonderful photographs of summer flowers posted by gardeners who are participating in Cathy's Week Of Flowers challenge to brighten these grey days by sharing their favourite and most colourful flowers from their 2020 gardens. I may be stretching the brief a little here, but… Continue reading Week of Flowers

Running Repairs

For most of this month we have had Hebridean weather in extremis; the only thing we have not had is sunshine. This is all part of our daily life and I don't normally mutter too much except when it's my turn to fill the log basket, dig the parsnips, take the wheelie bin down the… Continue reading Running Repairs