All Change

The more eagle-eyed amongst the regular visitors to the Croft Garden blog may have noticed that I have changed the page format and style, and some of you may have though that this was long overdue. My sentiments entirely, and I spent most of last year not quite getting round to it, which also applies… Continue reading All Change

Procrastination is the thief of time

An impossibly monochrome afternoon, the island is dreich and damp. Chronic procrastination is allegedly symptomatic of creativity,  this bagatelle of a post as an excuse for not finishing a very long and tedious report in data mobilisation. A friend recently sent us a photograph of our croft house (now Croft Garden Cottage) taken in the… Continue reading Procrastination is the thief of time

Wildflower Wednesday

Pink Perfection Thrift, Sea Pink,  Rock Rose, Moss Pink, Our Lady's Cushion, tonna chladaich, Armeria maritima As May approaches our wildflowers are still deep in slumber - sleepy heads waiting for the temperature to rise. However this tough little cushion plant has been in flower for the last two weeks or more - a nectar… Continue reading Wildflower Wednesday