Garden of Plenty

There are a series of landmarks in my gardening year and, however intemperate the weather, by late July, the croft vegetable garden has been transformed into a garden of abundance. The empty trugs of the hungry gap months become horns of plenty and we are sated with green comestibles. A pretentious little literary allegory which… Continue reading Garden of Plenty

June Vegetable Garden

June flamed briefly but has now retreated into a sulk adopting a grey cloud mantle and a cool demeanor. The vegetable beds still look very forlorn, the plant growth can only be described as sluggish even though the levels of moisture in the soil are good and we've had plenty of sunshine. It is obviously… Continue reading June Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

The potatoes are in sacks under the bench in the shed, the garlic neatly platted and hanging above, soon to be joined by the onions which are drying in the polytunnel. There are boxes and boxes of jam and chutney and both freezers are full to bursting point. Autumn has definitely arrived, complete with the… Continue reading Vegetable Garden

Courgettes or zucchini

As a child I encountered marrows but nothing as exotic as a courgette - apart from the mysterious thing called zucchini listed as an ingredient on the back of a packet of dried minestrone soup.  My love affair with courgettes started in Italy when I was served stuffed courgette flowers and tiny delicately flavoured, finger-sized… Continue reading Courgettes or zucchini