Advent Calendar – the Last Window

It is Christmas Day 2013 and I have opened the last window in the Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar. So it is now time to wish you a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year, may you all grow and prosper. For those whose Christmas will be a difficult period my thoughts are with you.… Continue reading Advent Calendar – the Last Window

From Magi to Mummers and Wassailing to Wenceslas

Whether your Christmas is bah humbug! or a childish delight in lighting the advent candles and eating mince pies, it is almost the night before the night before "when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse". Christmas or the mid-winter festival is a celebration for the 21st century offering the consumer… Continue reading From Magi to Mummers and Wassailing to Wenceslas

From Kringle Wreath to Bread Pudding

More adventures in the croft Advent kitchen Will the Master Baker come to the rescue? After a course of counselling and esteem building I was ready to open the Advent kitchen again and continue my exploration of Scandinavian Christmas baking. This time I vowed to follow the recipe precisely, and accurately measure and weigh all the ingredients. However,  I decided… Continue reading From Kringle Wreath to Bread Pudding

The Revenge of the Gingerbread Men

The aroma in the Advent croft kitchen is delicious and augurs Christmas treats. There are enough spices to fill a potentate's bazaar, jars of dried fruit and dark sugars, bundles of cinnamon sticks and piles of gleaming Satsumas and lemons. The Christmas cake is slumbering in a miasma of brandy in the cupboard with the… Continue reading The Revenge of the Gingerbread Men