On such nights………..

The cool fingers of night air caress the cheek as the west wind sighs. The white horses slumber beneath the rippling silken waves which gently glide over the rocks stirring the amber ribbons of kelp. The siren songs of the sylkies weave their enchantment and silence the strident, amorous croaks of the Corncrakes. Slowly the… Continue reading On such nights………..

Slip slidin’ away

Several times this winter high tides have coincided with storm force winds and re-arranged the topography of the beach and shingle coves at Ardivachar. Nothing too serious and although it has happened more frequently than hitherto, the coastal erosion has been minor. So although the Spring equinox gales are still on the horizon, I was… Continue reading Slip slidin’ away

National Poetry Day, Outer Hebrides

Waiting for the Tide of Inspiration syllables dancing in the spray words rolling in grains of sand antonyms hiding in fronds of kelp synonyms twisted in shining alginates will the wind release the rhymes sonnets to soar above the waves or leave them tangled in flotsam poetic debris, drowned doggerel