12 Days of Christmas

Lichen mosaic

Day 4: Lichen Log Lichen mosaic This is a very special Yule log, it might be a little on the small size, but it is of great importance. A good supply of logs is an essential part of the croft winter survival kit. Almost every croft house will have a log or peat burning stove,… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Latha Fèill Brìde (Bride’s Feast Day)

Winter a time of myth, magic and story telling and for those who live on the outer edges of Europe where the power of the old gods is still perceptable, it does no harm to respect the ancient traditions. Afterall winter is the time of the Cailleach Bhéara, the winter goddess who rules between Samhainn… Continue reading Latha Fèill Brìde (Bride’s Feast Day)