Riotous assembly

Winsor and cadmiun lemon, bismuth, chrome and cadmiun yellow, Naples and Indian deep and light yellow, jaune brilliant and yellow ochre have been splashed and dripped across Ardivachar headland as the sun has irradiated the islands for the past month. The machair is in its yellow period and the early summer flowers are glowing and… Continue reading Riotous assembly

Don’t be shy about using the F word – International Women’s Day

Whether you wear a cardi and blue stockings, designer labels, or wellies and woolly hat, have a Nobel Prize, Oscar or an accolade from the local flower and produce show; be proud, value your achievements, stand-up for who you are and use the F word in support of the women and girls throughout the world… Continue reading Don’t be shy about using the F word – International Women’s Day

Men and Sheds

I have serious doubts about the title of this post - should it be "people and sheds" ? As I contemplated the subject matter I began to envisage a whole minefield of political correctness opening before me. If I'm going to be gender neutral do I use the term spouse or is that too elitist?… Continue reading Men and Sheds