Week of Flowers

Wood Blewit Lepista nuda

Day Five 26 November 2020 You can discover a host of wonderful photographs of summer flowers posted by gardeners who are participating in Cathy's Week Of Flowers challenge to brighten these grey days by sharing their favourite and most colourful flowers from their 2020 gardens. I may be stretching the brief a little here, but… Continue reading Week of Flowers

Do you know your bits from your bytes?

An on-line exchange following my recent blog about my bad habit of not editing and sorting my photographs produced a minor cri de coeur from Cathy who has a media storage crises on her WordPress site Rambling in the Garden. WordPress has many virtues, and that fact that it requires very little technical expertise is probably… Continue reading Do you know your bits from your bytes?

One hundred years of progress?

I usually get out my soap box on International Women's Day (8 March), but this year I could not let the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act pass without comment. It enfranchised some women (those over 30) and allowed women over the age of 21 to stand for parliament, but it was… Continue reading One hundred years of progress?

Procrastination is the thief of time

An impossibly monochrome afternoon, the island is dreich and damp. Chronic procrastination is allegedly symptomatic of creativity,  this bagatelle of a post as an excuse for not finishing a very long and tedious report in data mobilisation. A friend recently sent us a photograph of our croft house (now Croft Garden Cottage) taken in the… Continue reading Procrastination is the thief of time

Women’s Wednesday – #nevertheless we persist

It may have taken 140 years but finally Fanny Mendelssohn's Easter Sonata has its UK premier on International Womens' Day. Culturally, politically and financially we still live in a patriarchical society and the only we can gain equality is through persistence. Silence is what allows people to suffer without recourse, what allows hypocrisies and lies… Continue reading Women’s Wednesday – #nevertheless we persist