Garden of Plenty

There are a series of landmarks in my gardening year and, however intemperate the weather, by late July, the croft vegetable garden has been transformed into a garden of abundance. The empty trugs of the hungry gap months become horns of plenty and we are sated with green comestibles. A pretentious little literary allegory which… Continue reading Garden of Plenty

In the land of plenty

At last salad rationing has come to an end and there are rewards for hard labour. Each spring is different, but by the end of May we have stopped anticipating and started eating! The first new potatoes with fresh mint, slim, sweet carrots with feathery chervil, finger courgettes and baby fennel with a drizzle of… Continue reading In the land of plenty

Building an orchard

Depending on your perspective and philosophy of life, our activities in the croft garden can be viewed as ground breaking experiments, eccentric follies or totally bonkers. On a wet November afternoon when I'm moving barrow loads of sand from one part of the garden to another I know exactly which applies. However, I was promised… Continue reading Building an orchard

For the love of three oranges

Or to be more precise four oranges, a pomegranate and some cranberries. At the beginning of December I begin to haunt the islands' two supermarkets waiting for the arrival of pomegranates and fresh cranberries. These jewel like fruits are part of the essence of Christmas and, with spices, bring a touch of the exotic to… Continue reading For the love of three oranges