Gardening Dilemmas 3

Do I rest on my laurels? With a little help from an errant jet stream the cottage garden now looks like a cottage garden and not a bare batch of ground with some scrubby grass/weeds imitating a lawn. At last "nice, wall, terrific view shame about the garden" has been replaced by "what an interesting… Continue reading Gardening Dilemmas 3

Brown and crispy round the edges

This is not a description of my garden not my home-made biscuits. So I am going to whisper this we've hardly had any rain for almost 3 months. I'm not sure what constitutes a drought, but my garden and the surrounding machair are parched. Now I know people on the big island have a surfeit… Continue reading Brown and crispy round the edges

Gardening Dilemmas 2

The Time and Space Conundrum I am sure that it is possible to devise a mathematical formula to resolve my problem,  however just thinking about it makes me want to lie down in a darkened room. So this post is about juggling and not mathematics. At 57°N the growing season is very short and relatively… Continue reading Gardening Dilemmas 2

Gardening Dilemmas 1

The Shelter Belt Catch-22 During my daily (weather permitting) garden perambulation I always have a careful look at my shelter belts and depending on my mood I either sigh, weep or rant and rave. Today is windy but we have sunshine and so my shrubs got a smile of encouragement. When we first arrived one… Continue reading Gardening Dilemmas 1