12 Days of Christmas

Day 8: New Year Dawn

Sunrise at the start of a new year, the time when a Hebridean Hogmanay ceilidh is just getting its second wind. This year was different, no music, no dancing, no singing, no first footing and probably fewer sore heads. Although, I suspect a few drams of uisge beatha were consumed to welcome in the new year.

I will leave you to contemplate the sunrise and reflect on the old year and your dreams for the new one.

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas”

  1. What a beautiful sky! But they say a red morning sky means bad weather is on the way. I do hope this was not the case for you today and you have had a good start to 2021. Happy New Year!

  2. I’m really fortunate to be able to live in such a wonderful place. A spectaculat dawn makes up for all the days when we don’t see the sun.

  3. In winter a rosy dawn signifies a clear sky which is usuually a good sign. We have northerly winds are present, so it is very cold, but sunny, between the squalls of sleet. I’ll settle for this rather than westerly Atlantic wind and rain!

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