A Week of Flowers

Day Four 25 November 2020

On dreich November days we all need a little something to remind us of the sunshine. Today my contribution to Cathy’s Week of Flowers is a collecion of plants which will only flower when the sun comes out. It is still not to late to contribute, so why not visit Cathy’s Words and Herbs website and be inspired to spread a little sunshine and smiles.

These plants all grow outside and tolerate our wet and windy climate. The Bergeranthus is South African but is apparently hardy to -12C. The Oxalis ‘no name’ was grown from wild collected seed from Patagonia and is perfectly at home in the Outer Hebrides. I’m not sure I’ve named the Escholzia correctly (another lost label). It is perennial, very low growing and over time has developed a very woody stem. Perhaps someone can either confirm or correct the name for me please?

16 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers”

  1. The Escholzia is such a sunny plant with its warm orangey tones, but I am fascinated by the Oxalis which doesn’t look like any Oxalis I have seen before. Do the leaves resemble clover?

  2. I think the Oxalis may be an adenophylla x lacinata hybrid. The leaves are palmate, grey-green and the leaflets look almost folded. there are three species which commonly hybridise, adenophylla, enneaphylla and lacinata. The species are very variable and there are a number of cultivars which seem to be available from a number of nurseries.

  3. Oh just go with it, Christine – it’s a complement really 😊 I was a bit taken aback when a (male) friend described me as eccentric, but then I realised he meant I just did my own thing, which is quite true…I like to be ‘different’

  4. You have a liitle room left in you stunning new greenhouse and I think that there are some that will grow outside for you. I currently have an excess of Eucomis pole-evansii bulbs (flowering size) if you ( or anyone else) is interested.

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