A Week of Flowers

Day Two 23 November 2020

A gentle offering for the second day of Cathy’s Week of Flowers
Please have a look at the other contributions (links on Cathy’s blog: Words and Herbs) and start the week with a smile.

Beach Aster Erigerion glaucus

Beach Aster or Seaside Fleabane is the perfect plant for my rock and gravel garden. Flowering prolifically from May to October it attracts bumblebees, butterflies and hoverflies. This simple daisy is a native of coastal California and Oregon, but it thrives in my island garden.

17 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers”

  1. What a pretty daisy. I don’t think I have seen a Fleabane that colour before. 😃 We have the white Erigeron annuus here, which is a welcome weed as it also flowers non-stop until November. Have a good day Christine!

  2. Just as pretty as my bellis, and possibly prettier than the white erigeron. I am finally getting seedlings of the latter popping up here now!

  3. Always delighted to share my eccentric garden. I’ve just had a peep over the garden fence – what a lovely garden you have, full of all the plants I can’t grow here.

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