Wordless Wednesday – A Garden Lost in Time

Applecross Walled Garden
It is early in the year on the Applecross peninula, but the walled garden in remote coastal village of Applecross still slumbers.


Applecross walled garden
Waiting for spring or perhaps the return of the gardeners, the gardener’s boy and the pony which pulled the mower who left long ago for a war that was “to be over by Christmas”?


Applecross walled garden
Will the tools remain untouced and the fruit trees unpruned?


Applecross walled garden
The lady of the big house, who once sat under the rose arch, has also departed, never to return?


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – A Garden Lost in Time”

  1. This was a beautiful and incredibly atmospheric garden. It is being restored, but in such a careful way that it is not destroying the spirit of the garden.

  2. Sometimes perfect gardens can be completely souless and I find that this often applies to “restored” gardens which in the search for authenticity has destroyed the magic that comes with age.

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