All for want of a dongle!

wifi111Well I think that is what the man said!
I have a new dongle, and, just to be on the safe side, a shiny new wi-fi router. So for the present, I am travelling through cyberspace at superfast mbps – or as fast as you get in this part of the world. We will probably zip along nicely until the next severe gale or power outrage or techno melt down.
So apologies for slow replies and not avidly reading your every word. I’ll be back shortly as soon as I’ve sorted out everyone who is threatening to sue or imprison me for not answering their e-mails! Even that will have to wait, it is a glorious morning and I’m going gardening!

Icons made by Egor Rumyantsev from is licensed by CC BY 3.0

6 thoughts on “All for want of a dongle!”

  1. It is beautiful here today – calm, warm and sunny. Although I hesitate to use the term “Indian Summer” in Hebridean terms we are having a very good month.

  2. Unlike you to be excited by dongles and routers – but you redeemed yourself by choosing gardening instead of their enticements. Hope your ‘good month’ continues!

  3. More excited the gardening than any IT gadget, but it has put me back on-line at a respectable speed. Didn’t even mind the size of the engineers bill – cheaper than an electrician or a plumber!

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