Connection Lost

No internet connection
No internet connection

We’re sorry you are experiencing technical difficulties. Unfortunately all our engineers are off-island until next week…………

Oh dear, anyone know a someone with a sonic screw driver who can fix a satellite?
Normal service will be resumed at some future date!

13 thoughts on “Connection Lost”

  1. You don’t know how much I sympathise. Tomorrow it will be two months since we registered our own problem with BT. I can only hope it’s quicker for you..

  2. And the satellite connection was meant to resolve the previous broadband difficulties…. 😦 Hope it doesn’t take too long to fix and in the meantime you can make the most of your internet free life and catch up on all those other jobs – sometimes I think I should pretend that we don’t have an internet connection either… 😉

  3. Definitely frustrating and time wasting! Unfortunately one of life’s necessities for those who live in rural areas. However, there are compensations lots of lovely books to read and time to listen the Proms!

  4. I have been following your adventures in BT land with sympathy. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with BT all I need is the man with the screw driver to appear. As all engineers, plumbers and electricians work on Hebridean time, it could be tomorrow or next week or next year!

  5. No problem with the satellite, just what our builders may or maynot have done with the cables! I’ve had a fiddle with the software and I have a connection but it is a bit temperamental and pedestrian! Internet free life is wonderful until HMRC and every government agency in Edinburgh demands that you complete their on-line form now! Perhaps I should pull out the cable permanently, but then I couldn’t order life’s essential luxuries from the big island.

  6. Always a downside – but that’s how we all used to live of course, so you could always dig up your ornamentals and plant more veg… But what have the builders been building…?

  7. What the builders have been building – all will be revealed as soon as I finish shovelling out the dust and painting! It might also be a good idea to wait until I regain my sense of humour and for the Head gardener to stop cursing every builder from here to the South Pole!
    However, there is always a little ray of sunshine somewhere – it is a rather splendid morning and my broadband is fixed!

  8. Builders have been cast into the wilderness forever (unless the roof blows off). The atmosphere is still a bit grumpy as Himself’s computer threw a major wobbly this week – a good time to get on with painting the new shelves in the utility room!

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