14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Late arrival due to unseasonal weather”

  1. The orchids here are stunning and common; so I was delighted when they finally appeared. After the abyssmal June weather, a 16C one day heat wave was phenomenal, we even had the mid-afternoon thunderstorm! If you want to feel really cheerful about the English summer you can consult the Askenish station weather blog. Askernish is about 18 miles to the south.

  2. I can’t resist photographing them. D. incarnata comes in such a wide variety of colours and is endlessly fascinating. The dactylorhiza orchids all flower pretty much in succession, but as our summers (?) are so short they overlap and hybridise. This is a botanists nightmare, but we get some very spectacular orchids!

  3. My friend has Pyramidal Orchids in her field and I have never seen the grow as abundantly as this year. Wonderful!

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