4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Maori Onion”

  1. I’ve grown this plant for many years and never knew it had a common name until recently. It is used for three New Zealand species of Bulbinella which all look fairly similar. I have been unable to find out whether the name is derived from the resemblence of the bulb (tuber) to an onion or its edibility.
    Botanically this is an interesting genus with endemic species in New Zealand and Cape Province, South Africa.

  2. I’ve grown this species for many years, infact this clump came from my last garden. It grows outside and withstands our cool windy climate with ease, which is not surprising as it is a native of NZ tussock grasslands. It is a lovely bright yellow and the leaves are bronze when the emerge. It is only about 8 inches (20cm) tall, but that could be the effect of our climate. It usually sets seed, so if you’d like some I can send you a packet later in the summer. It is easy to grow from seed, but you have to be patient to wait for the bulbs to reach flowering size.

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