9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Aptly named”

  1. I’ ve not seen this Iris before, it’ s absolutely gorgeous. I believe it is an Oncocyclus. Is it difficult to grow?

  2. You are right as usual, it is an oncocylus from Turkmenistan. All this group require a hot and very dry summer dormancy period for about 3 months after flowering and need excellent drainage throughout. In the UK they are usually grown in a cold greenhouse or alpine house in long clay pots in a plunge bed. They are one of the more difficult iris groups to grow, but with all plants, if you understand how it grows in the wild you have a reasonable chance of not killing it too quickly. Unfortunately they are not widely available and relatively expensive, so perhaps not a group to experiment with. However, if you can get them to flower they are stunning!

  3. Acutiloba – sharply pointed lobes and lineolata refers to lines or stripes – hence the flower which sharply pointed, striped lobes. However cute lineo is more fun, I’ve also seen it described as a bat crossed with a zebra! Perception is all.

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