12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – It had to be Ewe”

  1. I’m not a fan of sheep, but this one was insisted on being photographed and has a certain charisma. Probably just investigating to see if I had a bucket of sheep nuts in the car.

  2. I feared it would be in your garden or – perish the thought! – even in your polytunnel, chomping away….. a relief to this happy smiling face instead, even if yours wasn’t 🙂

  3. It wouldn’t be nonchalantly chewing straw and posing for a photo if it were in the garden. We usually manage to keep livestock out of the garden, but I’m frequently chasing marauding sheep off the field in front of the house.

  4. What a beauty! (And knows it, too…)

    Ah yes, sheep in gardens. One of my friends decided to rename Welsh Mountain sheep: ‘Welsh Mountaineering sheep’. She fortified her garden – well, her developing wood and garden – closely, so they took to climbing outside it on the wilder, much hillier side. Then they could jump over the deer fence (!) more easily. Only once they were in they couldn’t get out…

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