12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Uist’s Icy Mountains”

  1. It was a very cold day and even some of the sea lochs were frozen round the edge. Sub-zero temperature are very unusual here, but I’m not complaining as we’ve blue skies and sunshine.

  2. It’s such a relief to have some fine weather and to be able to get out and about. Look out for us at North Loch Eynort, instantly recognisable by the tons of camera gear and often to be found grovelling in the undergrowth looking for fungi, lichens or plants.

  3. Hi Charlie, the landscape never fails to delight me. I have photographed this area, so often, but each time it is different and I can’t resist reaching for the camera.

  4. Hello Julian. This is on the east coast and at the head of a big sea loch (more like a fjord) and is very sheltered. It is an area that has some relict woodland, but was also planted with native trees as a millennium initiative. It is a lovely walk and a big contrast to the scenery on the west where we live.

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