8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Not a Snowdrop”

  1. It’s a plant that responds to summer rain, so I think because the autumn was mild and the pot was inadvertently watered it decided to flower. I suspect that it is an opportunist in the wild and just comes into growth when there is sufficient moisture and it’s not too cold.

  2. Hello Christine, I have written a blog post today as I was awarded a Leibster award by Chloris, I have chosen you as one of my 5 to hand it on to. I hope thats ok, its a little time consuming to take part, but really if you choose not to, I’d still like to say how much I enjoy your blog. Best wishes.

  3. Thank you Julie, such a kind thought. I don’t normally get involved with blogging awards, but I find it difficult to refuse as you asked so politely. Apologies if I’m a little late it’s rather more blustery than usual and the internet connection is being temperamental!

  4. Thank you Christine, I have watched the forecast and see they are warning of some seriously strong wind over the weekend, I hope everything will be ok for you up there.

  5. Thank you Julie. We’ve survived again and I hope we’re through the worst as the wind has dropped to a storm force 10 and the electricity has been restored!

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