11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: They came, they saw, they vandalised!”

  1. …………………. 😦 Did they move on – or have they been back? We now have our own local murmuration, but they roost by one of the lakes at the bottom of the hill. It’s lovely to see them while they are UP THERE, but a few thousand in the garden would be another matter altogether. We often have 20 or so coming to the feeder in the summer but if they bring their friends and relations this summer they will be even less welcome…..

  2. In the winter we have up to 3000 starlings at Ardivachar who generally make a nuisance of themselves. they feed on the seaweed (well the invertebrates on/in the seaweed) on the beach, but when disturbed by the merlins they will sit on the roof, on the walls, on the fruit cage and cover it all in whitewash – just like a Jackson Pollock but without the value. Fortunately they come and go depending on the amount of seaweed on the beach. They have now departed, hopefully back to Scandinavia.

  3. I think awesome is the word – not frightening but a bit strange! Their synchronised flying is a wonderful – but they’re still messy, noisy vandals.

  4. There’s no seaweed on the beach at the moment (yes it ALL went with the last spring tides) so the starlings have gone too. I’m hoping they’ve gone north whence they came, but I fear it will be “hasta la vista, baby”

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