Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar

1st December 2013 the first Sunday in Advent and the start of my Advent Calendar.
I began 2013 with a post on the Year of Natural Scotland and have continued this theme throughout the year. So as our celebration of the flora and fauna of Scotland grows to a close I am going to use the device of an advent calendar to feature more of the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides.

9 thoughts on “Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar”

  1. It always amazes me how prolific the primroses are on my Mum’s island and for so many months of the year too. I look forward to seeing more local delights over the next few weeks – thanks for this.

  2. I was surprised to discover that primroses are native here and that they grow prolifically in the cottage garden. They may look a little ragged at times but flower for most of the year. Amazing for such a delicate flower.

  3. Thank you. I always loved Advent Calendars as a child. On dark winter mornings it was always a great joy to open the window and see the next picture. Anticipation is all!

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