Hebrides Islands on the Edge

Hebrides Islands on the EdgeThis is wildlife photography at its very best. Nigel Pope and his team have done a great job and they were one of the best film crews we’ve welcomed to the islands.
I prattled incessantly about the stunning Hebridean landscapes and our world class wildlife so now you can see for yourselves. My words and photographs have only given you a tiny glimpse, this series is about as good as it gets.

If you are unable to watch, there are clips on the BBC website and YouTube.

9 thoughts on “Hebrides Islands on the Edge”

  1. I will wake the Golfer up and ask him to set the PVR to record the whole series – it sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh dear! We could (if we wanted, which we don’t) watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Monday at 9.00 but not ‘Islands on the Edge’. I have checked the BBC website and it is only scheduled to be shown in Scotland (and will not be available on iPlayer) – why deprive the rest of the country, I wonder? Hopefully it will be scheduled for the rest of the UK later, but at least we might be able to see Episode 2 while we are in Orkney, or perhaps not as we may be waiting at the ferry terminal at 9.00 😦

  3. Oh dear,oh dear! Better lobby the BBC. Don’t despair I’m sure there will be a DVD eventually.
    Orkney next week how exciting!

  4. I have my doubts this will be shown in Canada any time soon but the public library tends to pick up this type of documentary. I’ll keep my eye out. Looks super!

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