Winter Afternoon

Winter sky Ardivachar, South Uist

Like languid trapeze artistes the gulls trace celestial arcs
as a dying sun tints the clouds with ashes of roses.
Effervescent spray breaks over the whale-backed reef
as a clowning troupe of ravens tumble earthward
Icarian feathers black as the cold fingers of night.

6 thoughts on “Winter Afternoon”

  1. Is this penned by local South Uist poet, Christine Johnson? What a wonderful view to have the privilege of finding words to describe – the full-blown drama of the words complements the monochrome image to perfection

  2. ‘The cold fingers of night’ sent a little chill up my spine. Beautifully worded. I would love a few of your thoughtful lines for my New Years post.

  3. Happy New Year Mario and thank you for your support during my first blogging year. You are very welcome to quote from my posts any time – indeed I take it as a great compliment.

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