Homeward Bound

Brandy for the Parson,
’Baccy for the Clerk;
Laces for a lady, letters for a spy – Rudyard Kipling

Border ReiversLike Border Reivers we slipped ashore with the booty. The harsh tattoo of a winter squall muffling the sound as we sped along the drovers’ road enveloped in a night as dark as a conjurer’s cloak.
Truckles of crumbly cheese from the ewes of the Dales, flitches of slow cured, oak smoked bacon from the moorland farms, hams from the cork oak forests of Iberia, cases rich red wines from Almería, flagons of golden oil and casks of olives from the Peloponnese, dried fruits from the Levant and spices from the orient –  a rich cargo captured by a couple of genteel marauders. Hidden among the comestibles are treasures of great rarity, illuminated parchments, herbals and magik disks of silver which play wondrous sounds. Best of all are the small jars which glow like jewels and contain the perfumed essence and sweetness of autumn fruits for these are the precious gifts of friendship.

12 thoughts on “Homeward Bound”

  1. Quite the trip to the big island as told by your beautiful images of modern life set in the ways of old. Magik silver disks and illuminated parchments are great ways to pass the winter by the fire.

  2. Trips to the big island are always an opportunity to restock the larder with both luxury essentials and treats. The list would be boring so I gave it the celebrity style makeover!

  3. No farm shop, quality deli or purveyor of fine foods and wines is safe from the genteel marauders. Fear not we are storm bound and won’t be raiding until next Spring!

  4. I didn’t realise that you wrote those words till I read the comments. I wonder how Kipling would have described having a snack at BurgerKing in the service station.

  5. Kipling was a master of the vernacular and could have turned a trip to a fast food outlet by a group of squaddies into a wonderful Barrack-Room Ballad

  6. …the perfumed essence and sweetness of autumn fruits for these are the precious gifts of friendship. That sent tingly chills through me. I have a soft spot for spreadables contained in small jars.

  7. As you described your “loot”, I pictured you buying it while wearing your “….tailored wool trousers, silk shirt and cashmere sweater, tweed jacket and silk scarf.” Wonderful picture 🙂 Hope you had a fun time!

  8. There is no greater tonic on a grey November day than s spoonful of pure fruit jelly, not too sweet with a touch of spice and a slightly acid tang to zest the senses. My friends were generous with their gifts so when I open each jar I think of the donor.

  9. The best part of any trip is seeing friends and family. The “raiding” was good so I now have plenty of special treats squirrelled away from Christmas and some new books for rainy afternoons.

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