I’ll be back…………….

rocking chairThe time is fast approaching for my annual grand tour of the big island.
I’ve been shorn, coiffured, scrubbed, steamed, plucked, exfoliated, manicured, pedicured and every other ….ed you can think of.
I’ve cast aside the worn jeans, the ancient jacket with frayed cuffs, the baggy woolly jumpers, thick socks and gardening boots.
I’ve had my teeth polished and new specs to put the world in focus – no expense spared.
I’m now ready to don my disguise – tailored wool trousers, silk shirt and cashmere sweater, tweed jacket and silk scarf, polished brogues, pearl earrings, not forgetting the leather gloves and handbag, with the trench coat casually slung around the shoulders.
So if you see a beautifully coiffed and elegant lady strolling up your garden path  – it won’t be the wifey from the croft garden.

19 thoughts on “I’ll be back…………….”

  1. Hope you both enjoy your sojourn – do you look forward to it, or is it more of a necessity? I wonder what you look forward to the most – and what you will miss the most whilst you are away….

  2. This sounds like me heading to the “big city” of Dallas. They dress up more in Dallas and I feel like I need to make more of an effort. We are so much more casual in San Antonio.

    Have a good time on the big island!

  3. Hi Chris
    Your “disguise” sounds very fashionable and posh, with just the right amount of “casual” thrown in, by slinging your coat over your shoulders. Have a wonderful time wherever you are travelling and be sure to shoot some pics. It’s always fun to see where folks have been. (Maybe even take a photo of yourself in the fab outfit!)

  4. Have fun!

    (Karen – artist’s garden – and I are both scaring people in our part of rural Wales by wearing lipstick, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t be like that all the time. Am particularly impressed with the pearl earrings.)

  5. The magic of technology! I’ve just returned to paradise and have been frittering away my time catching up with the rest of the world which included bringing my blog comments up-to-date. Hence the deluge of “comments”. I am sure it is possible to remove the comments notifications – probably a good idea if you want to avoid WordPress gridlock.

  6. Welcome back, Christine! I wasn’t complaining about the deluge, just curious about the the reason (and I have already learned how to turn them off if I choose, but also more recently how to monitor comments, including replies to my own on other blogs, without leaving my home page. Whoohoo – I’ll be an expert yet!) and I wondered if it is because you were now home again. You must be so pleased to have finally returned to your adopted spiritual home.

  7. I think we can now award you a WordPress certificate (pause for monumental applause and a standing ovation). Yes I’m back and ecstatic – cartwheels and back flips all the way down the drive to the garden!

  8. Certificate received with thanks – I have worked hard for it! Don’t overdo the gymnastics in case you put your back out and can’t tend to your lovely croft as you would like to 🙂

  9. Hmm, we’re getting quite intellectual now – I had to look this up as I don’t know much Wordsworth. I certainly don’t mourn for anything in the past as I would not be who I was or where I was if I hadn’t experienced what I have. I trust I have accumulated some wisdom along the way although being a couple of weeks short of a Big Birthday I am still a spring chicken anyway!

  10. This quotation came out more leaden footed than intended. So no more philosophy or intellectual musings but I can’t promise that the odd line of poetry won’t appear.

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